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Limestone is a white / grey solid stone, that is crushed, therefore leaving corners and edges. Limestone is most commonly used for driveways and parking lots.

We carry #8, #57, #411 and #10 screenings. As a general rule, the smaller the stone, the smoother the finish will be.

In soft areas, you should start with a larger stone, and add on layers of smaller stones until the desired surface is achieved.

#8 limestone #8 

Fine, typically used on top of driveways or roads.

 #57 Limestone  #57 

Base for concrete or asphalt, used in driveways or parking lots, or under decks.

 #411 Limestone  #411 

Mostly used for retaining walls, paving stones or filling potholes.

 #10 screening #10 

Screenings are finely graded for use in pathways, walkways, bicycle trails, horse rings, stables and barns.


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