Choosing the Right Rocks Can Be a Hard Decision

Choosing the Right Rocks Can Be a Hard Decision

Nordonia Landscape Supplies offers a wide selection of limestone for sale in Northfield, OH

At Nordonia Landscape Supplies, we carry stone and sand products. These have a variety of uses in landscaping projects.

Products available for pick up and delivery include:

  • #57 Limestone: Used as a base for concrete or asphalt.
  • #411 Limestone: Mostly used for retaining walls, paving stones or filling potholes.
  • #9 Limestone: Screenings for use in pavers, bicycle trails, walkways, horse rinks, stables and barns.
  • #57 River stone: Used to cover drain tiles, as decorative ground cover and backfilling.
  • #34 River stone: Used under decks and in landscaping.
  • Ohio Mixed Boulders: Various sizes 2" and up
  • Ledgerock: Various sizes
  • Mason sand: Often called play sand and used in sandboxes.

Products available for delivery only include:
  • #1 Limestone: Used filling larger soft areas
  • #34 Limestone: Used under new driveways or parking lots.
  • #8 Limestone: Used on top of driveways or roads.
  • #8 River stone: Used in dog kennels and decorative landscaping.
  • Concrete sand: Coarse sand that's used to mix concrete.

The staff at Nordonia Landscape Supplies can always help you choose the right product for your project.

What type of stone is right for you?

Limestone is a white or gray solid stone that is crushed, therefore leaving corners and edges. It's most commonly used for driveways and parking lots. River stone is a naturally occurring, smooth stone. As a general rule, the smaller the stone, the smoother the finish will be. Learn more about our rocks and wholesale sand when you visit our store.

Call our store in Northfield, OH at 330-467-7258 for more information.