Add a Layer of Color and Protection to Your Property

Add a Layer of Color and Protection to Your Property

Nordonia Landscape Supplies offers quality mulch for sale in Northfield, OH

Most homeowners put down mulch in their gardens for the aesthetics, but mulch also offers other benefits. Aside from adding color to your landscape, mulch retains the temperature in the soil even when the air temperature drops. It also suppresses the growth of weeds and prevents erosion on slopes.

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We carry these types of mulch:

  • Premium all bark mulch
  • Double shredded black mulch
  • Double shredded brown mulch
  • Double shredded red mulch
  • Triple shredded black mulch

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When you grow plants, the nutrients come from the topsoil. That's why it's important to have excellent topsoil in your garden.
We carry these types of topsoil:

  • Contractor Blend Soil
  • Bed Mix Topsoil
  • Sweet Peet

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